Homeowners Insurance Coverage (HO3)

All homeowner policies are not created equal. In an era when many insurance coverages are being cut to the bone and crucial protections are being lost to homeowners across the state, Radiant agents commit to bringing Floridians comprehensive coverage at a competitive rate.

Every homeowners policy our agents handle is underwritten specifically for peace of mind. If a catastrophic weather event hits your region, you don’t have to worry – Radiant policyholders are covered by the unrivaled financial strength of Florida’s best when it comes to respected carriers in the insurance market.


Put your trust in Radiant.

Your standard homeowners policy (HO3) is the backbone of your homeowners coverage. Radiant agents help you determine which policy is right for you, addressing every fundamental peril while tailoring your coverage around your unique needs.

Your Radiant agent will always be there for you. They’ll provide you with information on how you may qualify for many coverages that have become rare in Florida policies, such as:

  •  Broad water damage coverage
  • Coverage for pool enclosures, including frames and screens
  • Coverage for guesthouses, sheds, and other structures considered as buildings
  • Coverage for fences and certain other structures not considered buildings
  • Coverage for property damage caused by wind-driven rain

Flat Hurricane Deductibles

Radiant gives policyholders access to carriers who offer optional flat hurricane deductibles for all HO3 policies. Instead of the traditional 2% of the insured value of your home (equal to a $6,000 deductible on a home insured for $300K), you could have the option to change your deductible to a flat $500 or $1,000, substantially decreasing your out-of-pocket costs in case of a catastrophic loss.

Dwelling Under Construction

Building a new Florida home? Dwelling under construction policies provide protection for theft of building materials from the worksite, and can be seamlessly rewritten to an HO3 policy upon new home completion with no gap in coverage. When it comes to homeowners insurance, Radiant promotes quality coverage, making every penny count and giving you superlative peace of mind.

Feel the warmth with Radiant, and get the coverage you deserve.